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Xbox One & PS4 / Unity / TBA

Position  |  Level designer

Description  |

Wulverblade is a visceral, cinematic, side scrolling beatem-up, bringing a modern twist to the classic gameplay style of the 1990’s arcade scene. There’s no hand holding in Wulverblade, its straight into the action, old-school style. Wulverblade skips the starter and tucks straight into the meat! Wulverblade is coming to Xbox One.

I’m the team’s level/gameplay designer, primarily working on encounters, level pacing, cinematic scripted events, and Boss fight with both in-house and 3rd party tools in Unity. I’m also responsible for level design document as well as various 1-page design documents.



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  • 1-page design doc
  • Achievement design
  • Boss fight design
  • Camera movement design
  • Combat balancing
  • Cutscene set up
  • Encounter design
  • Event scripting
  • Gameplay footage capturing
  • Unique scenario design