Rising Suns – Shanghai 1937

Console, Personal May 2014

PC / UDK / 2014

Position  |  Programmer & Level designer

Description  |

Rising Suns – Shanghai 1937 is a first-person camera shooting game based on true story. Player plays as an American wartime journalist in Shanghai 1937, taking photos of the battle field. The photos you take affect the angle of the story and how the world sees this battle.

Early screen mock-up

Historical layout research

Way point distribution of an early prototype in UDK

Early one page design doc

“We were very proud of how far Rising Suns came, in terms of concept, scope, design, and gameplay.”

– Eric Zmmerman (Game designer, advisor)

Rising Suns – Shanghai 1937 was selected as a FINALIST of LUDICIOUS – ZÜRICH GAME FESTIVAL in Switzerland

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  • Encounter design
  • Historical subject research
  • Single-player level design
  • UI design with Scaleform/Flash
  • Unreal Kismet scripting
  • Unreal Matinee animating
  • Unreal Script modding
  • Whiteboxing